You can become a TWP sister if you are a woman living or working in Teesside, who would like to write and maybe one day perform poetry. We are trans-inclusive.

Step one: join our Facebook Group and see what’s going on, introduce yourself, and find connections. If you’re not on Facebook you can also follow us on Twitter, and now you can also subscribe to this blog on our home page to receive an email each time we post a News article.

Step two: come to an event. It could be a writing workshop, a Zoom to share work for feedback, or a social trip where you can meet some sisters, or it could be coming to see us perform and grabbing us afterwards to say hi. We love to meet new maybe-poets, and remember – if you’re nervous, we were all exactly the same before we joined!

Step three: keep coming when you can, and keep writing and sharing your poetry with us. When you’re ready to share your work more publically, there will be opportunities to do so, perhaps with us coaching you towards an open mic and coming with you, or perhaps as part of one of our projects or performances.

Step four: anyone who comes to two or more events in a year is automatically invited to our AGM in April, where we try to gather together as many sisters as possible to celebrate what we’ve done and come up with ideas for the future. Perhaps one day you might even like to become a Guardian of the TWP and sit on our board!