Spoken Word Boot Camp

A fully-funded series of six masterclasses in writing and performing spoken word poetry, for women* that have the words but need a confidence boost with performance!

(*We are an intersectional feminist group and welcome trans sisters, and non-binary poets who are comfortable in a space that is dedicated to women)

Writing poetry can be an isolating experience, but performing it with a captivated audience is electrifying, addictive, and life changing. Too often women feel reluctant or nervous to take up space in this way, and we aim to fix this – after all, we believe a woman’s place is on stage!

The TWP spoken word boot camp will provide the stepping stones to a kick-arse set of your own, as well as the chance to work collaboratively – writing and performing with the other boot camp poets.

This boot camp will teach underpinning skills in confidence and presentation which will enhance the individual performers, and the greater community of women on the stage. Each session will acknowledge issues such as relationship between confidence and performance, imposter syndrome, getting comfortable outside the comfort zone, and facing the fear and doing it anyway.

Applications are now open for women aged 18+ to learn essential performance skills from experienced TWP sisters and special guest tutors at Middlesbrough Town Hall this summer.

The group will be facilitated throughout by Kym Deyn, former Durham University slam team leader. There will be space within each session to generate and edit new material as well as learning how to perform it.

To apply, please send two poems to us by 5pm on Monday 19th June and confirm you can attend at least 4 of the following dates – all sessions run 1pm-5pm.

Date TopicTutors
1st JulyWhat to write and how to write itKym Deyn
8th JulyConfidence & stage presenceDianne Casey
15th JulyBuilding a performance setSarah Crutwell
29th JulyInteraction, rapport & handling hecklersChrissie Petrie
5th AugustStealing skills from theatreTBC
19th AugustPower & ensemble performanceTBC

There will be a chance to demonstrate your new skills in a family-and-friends showcase event after the final session on 19th August. All graduates of the boot camp will be invited to perform with the Tees Women Poets at future festivals, community events, and open mics across the north east!