Voices of the Creek

In 2019 the TWP participated in the house-boat project, a temporary theatre space set up on Stockton High Street to house commissioned performances about the Tees river, specifically the area around Greatham Creek.

A small team of five TWP members were invited to bring a spoken word piece. Our research into the lost seasonal fishing community of Greatham, who lived in houses built from boats, led us to create and perform a collaborative lyrical ‘play’ about an imaginary, mythical group of women existing in a timeless space modelled on the creek.

In 2021, we were delighted to receive a commission from Hartlepool Waterfront Festival to refresh this original play and turn it into an audio-visual piece with filmmaker Laura Degnan. We became The Women in their Tarot-card-inspired digital festival, ‘Little Waterfronts’.

On a beach, four women in black flowing clothes are walking towards the sea, we see them from behind. Two of them have long feathers stick in their hair. They are accompanied by a woman in jeans and t-short carrying a film camera on a tripod. Wind turbines are faintly visible on the horizon.
Preparing for our final shot – walking into the sea at North Gare

TWP members Kirsten Luckins, Ann Cuthbert, Dianne Casey, Sarah Crutwell and Susie McComb respectively played the Dreamer, the Creek-Crone, Jenny, Juniper and Runaway Maggie.

TWP sister Kym Deyn was also commissioned to write a brand new poem inspired by St Hilda, which was recorded as an audio experience with soundscape by local musician and artist Grace Stubbings.