Poetry Playspaces

Thanks to the generous folk at ARC Stockton, we are ‘in residence’ on four upcoming Saturdays when we will be opening up Poetry Playspaces for any women in Teesside who are looking for fun and friendly ways to kickstart their poetry.

Drop in on any of three sessions happening on each Playspace Saturday and move your writing to the next level – and even try out some performance in a safe environment, supported by experienced sister-poets. Each session will be very loosely led by various members of the sisterhood – they’re not workshops, they’re spaces for co-creation, play, and connection. There is time between each session for pure socialising!

Sessions are:

2pm-3.30pm = collaborative writing. Join a project in progress, or start your own and find a writing partner.

4pm-5.30pm = compassionate critique. Bring your poems in progress and get helpful feedback.

6.30pm-8.30pm = performance lab. Rehearse and practice skills and techniques together. August session priority is for poets performing at Globefest, but all are welcome.

Reserve your free tickets here:

Playspace #1 27 August

Playspace #2 17 September

Playspace #3 15 October

Playspace #4 26 November

4 responses to “Poetry Playspaces”

    • Hi Emma, thanks for getting in touch! If you’re a poet interested in performing with us then there’s 2 things you should do – firstly, please join our Facebook group asap https://www.facebook.com/groups/teeswomenpoets and I’ll put you in direct contact with Dianne Casey who is the lead on the Globefest performances. Secondly, please come along to session 3 of our Poetry Playspace at ARC on Saturday 27 August, which is when the Globefest performers are practicing their set together! https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/398885626647


      • Hi Kirsten,

        Thank you for your reply. I had joined the FB group but find it difficult to use FB generally. My main platform is IG. I am coming to the Mima art event but will look in to the Arc event also. I have just performed at Leeds Poetry Fest and am looking for more local connections ahead of the release of two collections next year.

        Best wishes,



      • Hi, I have booked the Arc performance lab and I am coming to Mima. Look forward to meeting there.

        Best wishes,

        Emma @emmaliveyoga


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